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Clear Internal Push Hands Level 2 workshop
September 25 - 29, 2024
  • WED-SUN: 10am - 7pm (lunch break every day)
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  3 Overhill Rd, Verona NJ

*Early Bird Discount, good through 8/31/2024. Regular price: $997 (after 8/31)

Clear Internal Push Hands Level 2 Workshop

From: Sigung Richard Clear

This Workshop Is:

  • A DEEP exposure to Tai Chi Internal Power
  • A “HOW TO DO IT –STEP BY STEP” for over a dozen Extremely Rare, Seldom seen, almost never taught High Level Tai Chi Internal Power Skills
  • An Introduction to Master Level Internal Power Skills!
When you have this training- you will be able to KNOW when others have REAL skill, and when they DON'T.

Here's Just SOME of What You'll Be Getting

  • Body Qualities: Full, Empty, Heavy/rooting, Floating etc (In the right amounts )
  • Heaven, Man & Earth from the Tai Chi Classics
  • ​Alignment & Structure & Zhong Ding (Central Alignment)
  • ​Lower Back in proper position to Connect Upper & Lower Body
  • ​Sinking the Chi : to reduce Stress & Tension, reduce Blood Pressure, Increases / Improves Blood Oxygen Levels & Circulation
  • ​Build Bone Mass & Builds Muscle Density
  • ​Internal Iron Body & Palm
  • ​Softness / Soong / Melting
  • ​Steel Wrapped in Cotton
  • ​Breathing with your WHOLE BODY
  • ​Bone Marrow Washing
  • ​Peng, Lu, Ji and Ahn
  • ​Body (Internal & External) Connection
  • ​Chi Energy Connection
  • ​Opening & Closing: Important –Long Term Physical Body Health
  • ​Sweeping Healthy Movements for You & fellow practitioners
  • ​Poison hands & Dim Mak to opponents
  • ​Ting – Sensitivity: IMHO, this is the most important item in the program!
  • ​Yi –Mind Focus including training & strengthening Yi
  • ​Jin(s) -Waving & Spiraling, Coiling, Magnetic & Electric Etc Etc Etc
  • ​Substantial & Insubstantial: Not Making the Double Weighted Error
  • ​Awareness on Center of Balance on bottom of both feet
  • ​Super Soft, Sunk Muscles & Joints -The Secret to Unified Body Power
  • ​Be Present NOW: Shen Spiritual Power Basics
  • ​Feel the Energy In & Around You: Expanding Your Field of Perception & Spiritual Awareness
It involves working your body Inside & Out, Solo & Partner Work!

What You Get Will Change EVERYTHING!

A Reasonable Explanation of What CHI Actually Is!

  • How to FEEL IT
  • How to ACCESS IT
  • How to BUILD & STORE more of it
  • ​How to REFINE IT for better health
You will learn how the Body’s Energy System REALLY Works & HOW to enhance it-
The Lower Dan Tien and how to use it (IT IS NOT WHAT MOST PEOPLE THINK) & Where Chi Energy is really stored in the body (Not the lower Dan Tien!)

How to Fix Your STRUCTURE

  • The most common structural errors that EVERYONE MAKES!
  • How to FIND these errors
  • How to FIX them!
  • ​How to train them so the errors GO AWAY FOREVER
As well as how to use Structure, Softness, Sinking the Chi, & Body Breathing all at the same time-
And how to TEST IT so you know you aren't just fooling yourself!

How to Issue Power

  • Steel Wrapped in Cotton / Iron Palm / Iron Body: how to hit like a crowbar, as if carrying around a steel pipe that magically appears whenever you need it!
  • Fa Jin : EXPLOSIVE Power that comes from a light touch!
  • 1 Hit Knockouts : What you need to know to get knockout-quality hits on first contact!
  • ​Poison Hand : Secret techniques to debilitating your opponent with simple motions
  • Dim Mak : Tai Chi's deadly striking power - and how Push Hands is CRUCIAL to developing it!

The Power of Continual Flow Motion!

  • Tai Chi Skills For Relieving Arthritis! : how to use Tai Chi to overcome specific arthritis & pain you already have!
  • Coiling & Internal Connections : What you MUST DO to develop internal skills & how to simplify the process to make your Tai Chi come ALIVE!
  • How to FIX the Double Weighted Error! : and how to use it AGAINST anyone who still has it!
  • ​Light Force Power! : Iron Needle & Dotting Dim Mak methods that other practitioners will NEVER be able to do without these skills!

So What Are You Waiting For?

I've spent TENS OF THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS - and huge chunks of my life just SEARCHING for this information!

And you could easily spend twice this much scouring the world, just to come back with small slivers of these skills-

But I'm not going to charge you anywhere near that much!
00 Years 00 Months 00 Weeks 00 Days 00 Hours 00 Minutes 00 Seconds
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